Powerplant Maintenance

Power Plant Maintenance Services

The engine repair center will assist you in the design of customized services to suit your specific requirements. The repair center is integrated in Iberia Maintenance global maintenance network.
Occupying an area of 52,560 m2 Iberia Maintenance provides MRO services for the RB211-535E4, RB211-535C37 CFM56-5A1/-5B/-5C4/-7x, CF34-3A1/-3B1, JT8D-217/-219, V2500 engines and a full range of engine accessories, in accordance with our Capability List.
Engine Full Overhaul
RR RB211-535E4
RB RB211-535C37
RR PEGASUS MK 150/-152/-157
CFMI CFM56-5A/-5B/-5C
GE CF34-3A1/-3B1
PW JT8D-217/-219
Iberia Maintenance is one of Europe's maintenance providers still growing. Recently, we added CF34-3A1/-3B1 to our maintenance portfolio (which already includes CFM56-5x /-7x, RB211-535E4 and JT8D-217/-219).
Each operator has its own unique engine maintenance requirements. Our experienced and highly trained technicians and engineers are committed to provide you with the highest quality service and spare parts support in aeronautical industry.
We focus on parts repair wherever we can avoid costly replacements.
By employing an efficient workforce and developing the most productive maintenance workscopes we work to improve on-wing durability and reduce non-scheduled events or requirements.
To ensure a competitive service we have committed to reduce unforeseen turnaround time.
Iberia Maintenance provides MRO and engineering services for engine, APUs, power generation systems and associated accessories and thrust reverses.
Iberia Maintenance has a 100,000 lbs. test cell capacity.
APU Full Overhaul
GTCP85-98DHF (MD80)
GTCP36-300 (A320)
131-9A (A320)
Full overhaul including parts repair
Engine lease pool
LRU pool
On Wing Support
Engine Trend Monitoring
Work Scope preparation
Full range of engine services
Round-the-clock spare parts service
Test cell capacity: 100,000 lbs.

More information: Maintenance@iberia.es