Component Maintenance & Repairs

Components Maintenance and Repairs Services

Shorter downtimes.
Most of component work on Iberia fleet is performed in-house. Iberia Maintenance experience, workforce, product range and capabilities are extended to third party tailor-made services. The prime objectives are to:


  • Improve maintenance efficiency with introduction of advanced technology into aircraft avionics and ground-based computer systems.
  • Reduce the number of maintenance-related delays and cancellations.
  • Reduce the number of repeated faults and No Fault Found removals.
  • Reach the most cost effective and flexible support packages
Spare parts availability.
Iberia Maintenance offers its clients over 14.500m2 and 18 specialized lines for overhaul, repair, exchange and test the aircraft instruments, accessories and components assembled in the A320 series, A340-300/-600, B747, B757, MD80 series and CRJ series and their engines.
Focused on working harder on the maintenance side to keep the aircraft up and flying and reducing the number of unnecessary removals.
With more than 50.000 components repaired a year, our capability list includes more than 3.000 components with 14.000 P/N from avionics, engines, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, emergency, interior and structural components.
Total Support Avionics shop.

Components Repair & Overhaul

Hydraulic: rotatories/linears
(including landing gears components)Pneumatic and Oxygen
Electrical/Galleys inserts
Audio/Video, Passenger Entertainment System

Engine & APU accessories

Fuel accessories
Oil accessories
Electrical components


Electrical Power Generation
Air conditioning
Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Avionic Systems
Passenger Entertainment
Wheels & Brakes (Available in stock)
Big Elements of QEC
Thrust Reverses
Aircraft Accessories
Mechanical accessories
Emergency equipment
Gear Box & Screwjacks
Cabin interiors

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