Component Maintenance

  • Our customers can benefit from the experience and skill of our technicians, and from our comprehensive range of repair capabilities for electromechanical systems, avionics, and interiors, backed by our parts inventory.
  • We offer services that are personalised to suit each customer’s requirements: PBH, Fix Price, T&M, MBKs, etc.
  • At its Madrid facilities, Iberia Maintenance boasts more that 14,500 m2 and six specialised production lines for inspection, repair, replacement, and testing of accessories, instruments, and parts for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, as well as their engines.
  • Extensive experience in supplying maintenance services to aircraft in the Airbus A320 family, A330, and A340.
  • The chief aim of our technical and engineering departments is to reduce flight delays and cancellations related to maintenance activities, and particularly those linked to repeated faults and to parts replacements for unlocated faults.


  • Parts and accessories of fuel, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, as well as power generation units
  • Flight controls, wheels, and brakes
  • Engine accessories, thrust reversers; engine air intake diffusers, exhaust nozzles, hoods, QEC


  • Audio/Video, passenger entertainment systems
  • Computers and screens
  • Galleys
  • Radio and navigation and control instruments
  • Engine actuators, lighting, fibre optics
  • Batteries


  • Life-saving and emergency equipment
  • Oxygen bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Oxygen masks
  • Flight deck and cabin seats