Predictive maintenance allows Iberia Maintenance to anticipate and schedule the airline needs in advance and have prepared the inventory required for the maintenance procedure. In addition, the supply chain requirements are organised accordingly.

Predictive maintenance allows us to reduce AOGs requirements and get more cost-effective solutions.

The constant aircraft and engines monitorization of our own fleets let us to collect and analyse all technical data generated. Our Maintenance Control Center receives a wide array of operational and predictive alert information.

Using our engineering knowledge together with the big data from the aircraft and different monitoring solutions, we design a predictive maintenance planning and prevent unnecessary shop visits and delays.

Key benefits

  • Increase flight puntuallity and operational.
  • Reduce flight delays and cancellations.
  • Improve flight safety.
  • Improve TATs and aircraft availability.
  • Reduce time to dispatch.
  • Cost and resources savings.
  • Prevent unscheduled shop visits.
  • Customized maintenance programs according specific operating conditions.