• Components
    Reliable services and turnaround
    times to keep your fleet in the air

Every detail contributes to run smoothly.

No matter where your operations are based, you’ll find the high-quality technological standards in our facilities located in Madrid, Spain. We are focused on working hard on the maintenance side to keep the aircraft up and flying and reducing the number of unnecessary removals.

The chief aim of our technical and engineering departments is to reduce flight delays and cancellations related to maintenance activities, and particularly those linked to repeated faults and to parts replacements for unlocated faults.

  • In-house repair capabilities and reliable turnaround times to keep your fleet in the air.
  • Our customers can benefit from the experience and skill of our technicians, and from our comprehensive range of repair capabilities for electromechanical systems, engine accessories, composites, Wheels & Brakes, avionics and interiors.
  • Six specialized production lines for overhaul, repair, exchange replacement and test the aircraft instruments, accessories and components assembled in Airbus and Boeing aircraft and their engines.
  • Reliable support services which better fits in with each customer’s requirements: Fix Price, T&M, etc.
  • Strong Repair engineering department with proven experience developing alternative repair schemes/deviation that has been approved by the OEM.

Key benefits


  • Parts and accessories of fuel, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, as well as power generation units.
  • Flight controls, Wheels & Brakes.
  • Engine accessories, thrust reversers; engine air intake diffusers, exhaust nozzles, hoods, QEC.


  • Audio/Video, passenger entertainment systems.
  • Computers and screens.
  • Galleys.
  • Radio and navigation and control instruments.
  • Engine actuators, lighting, fibre optics.
  • Batteries.


  • Flight deck and cabin seats.
  • On-wing support.

Emergency Equipment

  • Life-saving and emergency equipment.
  • Oxygen bottles and fire extinguishers.
  • Oxygen masks.



component shop facilities in Madrid


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