Aircraft Conversions

Developed solutions to match specific requirements

State-of-the art connectivity solutions, high-density configurations and system upgrades for commercial and military aircraft.

  • Adaptative solutions, from the most cost-effective to the most complex.
  • Civil and military aircraft.
  • A330 conversion from passengers to Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft in collaboration with Airbus D&S and also reverse conversion from military to civil purpose.
  • A400M modification and structural conversions to complement their mission equipment in collaboration with Airbus D&S.

Temporary cargo conversions

Technical and engineering services for temporary operational changes from passenger to cargo aircraft.

  • Aircraft turn into instant freighters
  • All-in-one seat frame installed in economy seat tracks and a palletized variant that stacks on the cabin floor.
  • Business class seats, bulkheads, galleys, lavatories and overhead bins remain in place
  • Aircraft can be easily returned to passenger operations.
  • Coversion by removing economy seats from the cabin of the airbus A330 taking less than two days.

Turnkey solutions for major modification programs

Iberia Maintenance transforms passenger aircraft into cargo and develops special mission aircraft conversions.