Safety and quality
excellence projects

Safety and quality excellence are keyfactors and our guidance in our daily work. Security must always be present throughout the whole projects.

Punctuality is another of our values at the heart of our business because our mission is to keep you flying.

We aim to exceed the customers’ expectations with quality, timely services delivery and reliable cost solutions. Our people focus on creating added value at no-extra cost.

Rooted in Purpose, Process and respect for people, our Lean MRO transformation model relentlessly strives to provide our customers with the most value.

Continuously applying lean principles, we optimise every process of our entire aviation maintenance repair cycle, suited to increase the efficiencies and cost reductions needed in today’s aviation MRO industry.

We keep developing our pioneer Lean MRO model while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

In addition, through our customer’s partnership, we contribute to ensuring their passengers’ mobility, therefore also being an active player to a better community.

Leading-edge technology, extensive facilities and costs aligned with operational objectives are crucial, but people are truly our best asset.

We proudly make our clients

  • Fly Safe
  • Fly on Time
  • Fly @ Low Cost
  • Feel Innovation

And our people

  • Work Safe
  • Work Efficient / Simple / Lean
  • Rewarded for Performance
  • Well Trained / Quality