52 Technical Training Students Arrive at Iberia Maintenance

For three months they will do on-the-job training in avionics and aviation mechanics

  • For three months they will do on-the-job training in avionics and aviation mechanics
  • In 2019 Iberia Maintenance hosted another 40 students in the Dual Training Programme, 19 of whom were subsequently hired to work at Iberia
  • Iberia donated a Trent 500 engine from its Airbus A340/600 fleet to the local secondary school which provides the classroom training.
  • The Maintenance Instruction Center supplies more that 200,000 class hours of training in a programme authorised by EASA to provide courses to other airlines

A new class of 52 technical training students arrived to begin three months of on-the-job training at Iberia Maintenance in the Madrid-Barajas airport complex.

They come from the only two public secondary schools in Madrid that offer classes in avionics and aircraft mechanics, the IES Barajas and the IES Raúl Vázquez, with which Iberia has close ties.

Indeed, this morning Iberia donated to the Barajas high school a Trent 500 engine, the powerplant from an Airbus A340/600 that was retired during the pandemic.

The donating is part of an Iberia project to give a second life to its Airbus A340 engines, by giving them to universities and other educational institutions.

At the Barajas school, which has given training courses in aircraft maintenance for more than 60 years, the engine will be used as a practical teaching aid.

Dual Professional Training

Since 2011 Iberia has been active in a Dual Professional Training programme at both high school, which includes six months of on-the-job training at its maintenance hangars and workshops at Madrid Airport. Of the most recent class of 40 students who completed their training in 2019, 19 whom werw subsequently hired by Iberia.

The programme, which is co-sponsored by the Madrid regional government, is intended to match training to the actual needs of the aviation industry, and to bring in new generations of technicians. A number of Iberia Maintenance employees teach classes at the high schools.

200,000 Class Hours

Iberia Maintenance’s in-house Instruction Centre imparts more that 200,000 class hours per year to its own employees and to outside students.

The European Air Safety Agency (EASA), has authorised the Instruction Centre to teach a wide range of courses leading to formal qualifications for working on such aircraft as the A350 XWB (B1/B2), the A330 (B1/B2/C), and the A320 ceo/neo fleet, and on CFM56, V2500, PW1100, and LEAP aircraft engines.

It also gives refresher courses to enable technicians to renew their qualifications.