Iberia Maintenance has consolidated its position as a centre of excellence for V2500 engines in 2022

Iberia Maintenance has consolidated its position as a centre of excellence for V2500 engines in 2022

  • More than 50% of the total engines inducted by Iberia Maintenance are V2500’s.
  • Qatar Airways and HK Express, among others, have trusted Iberia Maintenance for its V2500 engines, while RwandAir has done the same for its CFM56-7B engines
  • The V2500 and CFM56-7B power the short- and medium-haul fleets, which include among others the Airbus 320 family and Boeing 737s, and these new partnerships have helped to grow the total number of inducted engines by 14% compared to 2021 levels
  • While serving the legacy engines, Iberia Maintenance is getting ready for the future and has already obtained the license to service Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines
  • Iberia Maintenance will host Aero-Engines Europe 2023, to be held in Madrid next September

In 2022, Iberia Maintenance consolidated its position as one of the centres of excellence for V2500
engines, due to the establishment of various new partnerships with amongst others Qatar Airways and
HK Express. The V2500 represents more than 50% of the inducted engines by the company.

The CFM56 is the second product with a share of one-third of the total number of repaired engines.
Apart from the CFM56-5B, where Iberia Maintenance cements its position as the preferred provider for
all IAG airlines using this type of engine, services are provided to various CFM56-7B operators and
asset managers. In 2022, Iberia Maintenace inked an agreement with RwandAir for the maintenance
and repair of its 7B & 7BE engines, powering the airline’s Boeing 737 fleet.

The V2500s and CFM56-7Bs power A320 family aircraft and Boeing 737s and these new contracts
have increased the total number of engines induced by 14 per cent compared to 2021 levels, and
have consolidated Iberia Maintennace’s engine shop as a reference centre for this short and mediumhaul fleet.

Additionally, Iberia Maintenance still serves the RB211-535 engine; being one of the very few Engine
Shops in the world with this capabilty.

Narrow-body, transitioning to newer engine models

The narrow-body engine MRO market is gradually transitioning from models like the CFM and V2500
to newer ones like the GTF and LEAP.

With the aim of guaranteeing a stable workload for the future, Iberia Maintenance has started to adapt
to the needs of the Shop for the new engine models while continuing to serve the CFM and V2500
operators’ needs. To this end, Iberia Maintenance has made a multi-million euro investment to acquire tooling and machinery.

In October 2022, Iberia Maintenance obtained the license to service Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines,
which power the Airbus A320neo family. The first GTF will arrive in the second half of 2023.

“The aeronautical maintenance sector is at a turning point and companies have to adapt to it. We have
to be able to respond to the current demands of our customers while preparing for the future and that
is what we are doing at Iberia Maintenance. In this way, a stable workload is guaranteed for the
future”, explained Eylo Gonzalez, Engine Shop Director at Iberia Maintenance.

Iberia Maintenance will host Aero-Engines Europe in September 2023

To mark Iberia Maintenance’s leading position in the engine MRO market, the company will host the
Aero-Engines Europe 2023 conference that will take place 13th-14th September in Madrid.

Aero-Engines Europe is a two-day conference attracting senior engine attendees. This is the leading
event exclusively dedicated to the trends and issues related to the region’s aero engine community,
gathering airlines, OEMs, MROs, lessors, suppliers and consultancies